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New challenge: Vernaccia wine in Amphora

By 1 February 2020Poderi news

A new addition will soon be added to the production of our organic wines here at Poderi Arcangelo: Vernaccia di San Gimignano wine vinified in amphora. It will be a small production that we are experimenting for the first time with the last harvest of 2019 vintage, and that should be ready in two years, in terms of winemaking times and a pinch of good fortune.

After successfully producing our first “Prima Volta” extra dry sparkling wine from Vernaccia grapes, we are ready for another challenge.
During the fermenting on the skins you could hear it bubbling from outside the cellar door.

For a short video, go and see on the Instagram page of our Poderiarcangelo winery .

How do we decide to produce Vernaccia in amphora?

Immediately after the harvest, the Vernaccia di San Gimignano grapes were directly placed in the personalized amphora bearing our brand. After slightly pressing, the amphora was filled to the brim and capped with a ceramic lid. The reassembly on the skins is done strictly by hand by our winemaker who follows every phase of this delicate and exciting production very carefully.

The idea came from the long and historical tradition that concerns the production of this Tuscan white wine. The Vernaccia di San Gimignano grape is really very old, just think of this: wine was used in banquets in medieval times. Historical evidence reports that Vernaccia was also served during the wedding reception of Nannina de ‘Medici, sister of Lorenzo the Magnificent! So we started to find out about how to make wine in amphora and we jumped into this new adventure.

We just have to wait at least another year to find out if we too, like our ancestors, are able to produce a wine in amphorae as in antiquity … indeed we hope even better !!

Meanwhile, the guests of our farmhouse and our visitors could see and feel the wine that is fermenting. The cellar can be visited during the Tastings that offer all year round here at Poderi Arcangelo.

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