Mary’s recipes

Mary’s recipes
Our cuisine is homemade, simple and genuine and is linked to seasonality and ancient local traditions. All of Maria's Typical Tuscan Recipes, with their homemade flavors and aromas, recall the country culinary tradition and will make our guests rediscover the dishes of yesteryear. Among the raw materials we use are our extra virgin olive oil and our DOCG wine.

Maria's Tuscan Ribollita

for the sauté Certaldo onion, parsley, leek, carrots, celery.

Then add bacon, tomato paste, Savoy cabbage and kale, potatoes, green beans, Swiss chard, chicory, zucchini, beans (preferably dried ones to be soaked the night before).

In a saucepan, sauté the chopped vegetables with some diced bacon.
As soon as this is golden brown, add tomato or tomato paste, water and coarsely chopped vegetables, all of which should boil for about 3 to 4 hours.
I recommend putting the beans either whole or blended to make the ribollita creamier.
When cooked, add chunks of unsalted stale Tuscan bread to the vegetable soup and simmer for about half an hour.
Serve in soup bowls and add a drizzle of raw extra virgin olive oil, Certaldo onion or spring onion to taste

…and Enjoy your Appetite!!!

Pappa con il pomodoro

for the sauté Certaldo onion, celery, basil, carrot and parsley.

Tomatoes and Stale Bread.

In a saucepan, sauté the chopped vegetables with Poderi Arcangelo’s extra virgin olive oil.
Sauté slowly until the onion turns golden brown.
Place four or five chopped tomatoes and season with salt.
Maria uses, for her guests at poderi Arcangelo agriturismo in San Gimignano, tomatoes from her organic garden!

Simmer for twenty minutes.

Take stale dark bread, preferably sourdough bread, make many small pieces and throw them into the sauce, making them “overcook.”

Then add sufficient water, taking care at the end of cooking that the gruel is neither too liquid nor too hard.
Serve in earthenware cocottini and add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil raw, and a few basil leaves for garnish.It is advisable to eat it warm, though it is also great hot!!!

Enjoy your Appetite!!!

Mary's "Fake Sauce"

for the sauté the Certaldo onion, celery, carrot , parsley and basil.

In a saucepan, sauté the beaten meat with Poderi Arcangelo’s organic extra virgin olive oil and as soon as it is nicely colored, add salt and pepper.
Also add tomato puree ( Maria, for example, adds ripe tomatoes from her sifted garden).
Cook patiently for a long time over low heat and add a little hot water from time to time, the best procedure is to complete cooking in a water bath.

When the cooking is done you will have a mixture that is not meat and not sauce, but a genuine amalgam that on pasta ( and remember to pull it up al dente) will make you look great with your guests!!!

..and if you are not Vegan you can sprinkle the dish with some excellent Parmesan cheese.


Enjoy your Appetite!!!

Nettle Risotto

for the sauté Certaldo onion, vegetable broth, nettle , salt and Rice.

For the broth, boil water with one carrot, half an onion, celery and parsley.

Maria, when she decides to make this extraordinary risotto, puts on her yellow gloves and wanders through the fields of our organic farm to pick only the not-yet-blooming tips of this wild grass that grows all over the Tuscan countryside.

In a saucepan, sauté a little onion with organic extra-virgin olive oil from Poderi Arcangelo; as soon as it is browned, add a nice clump of well-washed nettle and allow it to take on flavor by covering the pan.

Then add the rice and after toasting it, Maria toasts it with the Vernaccia dei Poderi Arcangelo and brings it to cook by gradually adding a little broth, after about 20 minutes the risotto is ready !

This too, like so many traditional Tuscan recipes, goes well with the new trends in Vegan and vegetarian cooking, in fact Maria strictly uses only her extra virgin olive oil to whip the rice.

Enjoy your Appetite!!!

The Cabbage with Slices!!!

Black cabbage, garlic, salt, pepper, Black stale bread or otherwise from unrefined and naturally leavened grains and organic extra virgin olive oil strictly from Poderi Arcangelo!

Take the bunches of kale and, after washing them well, put them to cook in a large pot with salted water; keep them about an hour.

Meanwhile, cut slices of stale black bread or otherwise unrefined sourdough grains, toast them and then rub them with a clove of garlic.

Lay them on a deep tray, after soaking them in the same water where you cooked the cabbage.

Finally, add the well-drained cabbage to the slices, season lightly with salt, drizzle with plenty of extra virgin olive oil, and grind a little pepper on top.

Cabbage with Slices is a typical Winter meal that Mary usually makes when there is freshly pressed oil!

Come and try it out we are waiting for you and if you want to try making it in the meantime …..

Enjoy your Appetite!!!

La Panzanella

Stale bread, Certaldo onion , tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, salt and pepper.

Crumble the stale bread crumbs into a salad bowl, soak it well with water and after wringing it out, Maria seasons it with plenty of organic extra virgin olive oil from Poderi Arcangelo, salt and pepper.

At this point add the finely chopped onion, chopped tomatoes, cucumber slices, and before refrigerating also lots of freshly picked basil leaves!

Maria, on the panoramic terrace of Poderi Arcangelo, has reserved a corner for her herbs that intoxicate the air with a magical and intense fragrance that together with the breathtaking view make Poderi Arcangelo a unique and unforgettable place !

After a couple of hours remove from the refrigerator and add, only then the wine vinegar, the real one though!

Before serving, add a few more basil leaves and a drizzle of organic extra virgin olive oil from Poderi Arcangelo and the dish is ready!


Enjoy your Appetite!!!

Chianina-style queens

Garlic, Certaldo red onion, chili pepper, 2 chicken livers, ground veal ( preferably Chianina) pork and bacon .

Make a stir-fry with garlic, onion, extra virgin olive oil from Archangel Estates and chili pepper.

Add the cleaned chicken livers, cut into very small pieces, to the cooking juices, then the pork , bacon and finally the beef: let everything brown, stirring frequently to prevent the sauce from sticking.

When the meat is well browned and a nice hazelnut color, fade with red wine, usually Chianti.

Mary also sometimes uses “Great Baccano” which gives the sauce a unique and inimitable flavor !

Let the wine evaporate well and add the peeled and diced tomatoes.

Finally, cover the pan with a lid and let it cook until the oil separates from the tomato, indicating that the sauce is ready!!!

Boil the pasta in plenty of salted water, drain when al dente and toss in the sauce!

Maria uses reginette, as the peasants did , because this pasta format holds the sauce very well.

Serve with Parmesan or if you want to stick to tradition with well-aged Pecorino.


Enjoy your Appetite!!!