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September, in Tuscany it is harvest time!

By 13 September 2020Poderi news

September, in Tuscany it is harvest time!

Here too at Poderi Arcangelo the harvest has begun, the period in which the grapes are harvested, the result of hard work carried out in the vineyards for a whole year.

The first grapes we harvested this year are Chardonnay, which we use in a small percentage for the production of our Vernaccia Di San Gimignano with selected “Terra del Lago” grapes.

Then followed the vineyards with Vernaccia di San Gimignano grapes and Sangiovese grapes, which we will use for the production of our Chianti Docg Colli Senesi wine, our Chianti Riserva “Cantastorie”.

The harvest then continues for the other native vines including Colorino and Canaiolo. But also Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, with which we produce the Tuscan red wine IGT “Gran Baccano” together with Sangiovese, the vine of Chianti wine.

Our wines are all strictly from organic farming. to discover their characteristics and food combinations, you can visit the page of our site dedicated to Wine and Oil.

This year the harvest is slowed down a bit by the short rains of late summer. The air cools, but gives us wonderful glimpses of the sky and breathtaking views with the autumn colors that paint the Tuscan countryside.

The harvested grapes are brought to our cellars, where the fascinating process of winemaking begins immediately.

During this period, the guests of our farmhouse can smell the intoxicating smell of wine fermentation in the air. This smell reminds us of a poem that we all learned by heart as children .. do you remember it?

During the wine and extra virgin olive oil tastings of our organic products, you will discover the secrets of the ancient art of wine production. But know that we will not reveal them all!

Poderi Arcangelo Winery

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