News dai Poderi

News dai Poderi

Ideas for original gift? Our “Poderi Arcangelo Gift Card”

Here is a fantastic Christmas Gift Idea or for any other occasion: our Poderi Arcangelo Gift Card !! A Personalized Purchase Voucher for all the organic products of our farm in San Gimignano: Chianti wine, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Tuscan Vinsanto, extra virgin olive oil, and even cosmetic products based on organic Tuscan extra virgin […]

Poderi Arcangelo Winery

September, in Tuscany it is harvest time!

September, in Tuscany it is harvest time! Here too at Poderi Arcangelo the harvest has begun, the period in which the grapes are harvested, the result of hard work carried out in the vineyards for a whole year. The first grapes we harvested this year are Chardonnay, which we use in a small percentage for […]

Andrà tutto bene arcobaleno Poderi Arcangelo

Messages with love from our wonderful guests

In the days Italy and most countries of our planet are in lockdown due to corona virus, and we miss all our guests coming from all over the world. Well, receiving such e-mails from them… from you… It fills our hearts with joy ! Thank you so much for your words, reading them was really […]

New challenge: Vernaccia wine in Amphora

A new addition will soon be added to the production of our organic wines here at Poderi Arcangelo: Vernaccia di San Gimignano wine vinified in amphora. It will be a small production that we are experimenting for the first time with the last harvest of 2019 vintage, and that should be ready in two years, […]

Mercantia 2019 Certaldo | International Festival of the Fourth Theatre

Mercantia is … … the land of a dream, it is a night of full moon, a festival of theatre and life, a place of meeting and passion, it is the man who does not give up and continues his singing… Mercantia is kisses and hugs, mocking and somersaults, art and crafts, old walls smiling, […]