The Cities of Art

(maximum one hour away by car)

San Gimignano

San Gimignano is one of the more famous tuscan towns in the world, placed at 334m above sea level in “Valle D’Elsa”. This Etruscan city owes its name to the Bishop St. Gimignano from Modena who saved it from barbarian assaults.

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Certaldo Alto

is one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Tuscany, quiet, relaxed and away from mass tourism.
Only 5 minutes away by car from Poderi Arcangelo, it can be reached using the convenient funicular that leaves from Piazza Boccaccio every 15 minutes, or by car with convenient parking outside the walls.

To visit: the birthplace of the poet Giovanni Boccaccio, the Praetorian Palace, the Museum of Sacred Art, the Museum of Beppe Chiodo. In the village you will find some excellent restaurants, a wine shop and a pottery workshop.


is a rare example of a 13th century European medieval castle which has remained virtually intact with the original walls that surround it; there are also 15 towers and a patrol path along the entire perimeter which was used for defensive purposes in the past. Dante himself was so impressed by the particularity of the place that he dedicated a song to it in his Divine Comedy!
It is one of the stages of the Via Francigena, still accessible today and well signposted.
It is about 25 minutes away from Poderi Arcangelo and is easily accessible by car, located along the road to Siena.


just 40 minutes from Poderi Arcangelo is the beautiful town of Volterra: here historical tradition is combined with splendid natural surroundings, from the landscape to the vegetation and fauna, offering a spectacularly rich natural heritage.
In Volterra history has left its mark continuously from the Etruscan period up to the nineteenth century, with artistic and monumental remains of great importance, which can be admired simply by walking through the streets of the historic centre, but also by visiting the city museums.


cradle of the Renaissance, home of the Italian language, birthplace of famous artists and much more … Describes Florence in a few words but … a visit is even better!
Florence is about 50 minutes drive from Poderi Arcangelo.
Excellent rail connections every hour from Certaldo station. Train timetables are available at reception.


is one of the most important cities in Tuscany. Ancient medieval city spread over three hills, was built around the Piazza del Campo, the symbol of the city known throughout the world for the Palio di Siena.
It’s about 35 minutes drive from Poderi Arcangelo.
Train connections are available every hour from Certaldo station and bus connections from Siena station to the town centre.
Train timetables are available at reception.


is one of the main Italian cities of art, also famous abroad, due to its intact city walls which were built from the fifteenth to seventeenth century, forming a perimeter of about 4,223 m around the old town and making it one of only four Italian cities to have an intact circle of Renaissance walls.
Lucca has been nicknamed the “city of 100 churches”, precisely because of the presence of numerous churches, towers and bell towers, and Renaissance buildings of outstanding beauty.

Pisa and its leaning Tower

The Leaning Tower, the symbol of Pisa, is one of the most famous Italian monuments in the world. The reason for its fame is without doubt its inclined structure due to subsidence of the land, but also its magnificent architecture, made of arches and loggias and inside which 294 spiral steps lead to the top of a belfry from which you can enjoy a spectacular view: 56 metres above the ground.
The Tower together with the cathedral and the baptistery make up the Piazza dei Miracoli, one of the many open-air museums that you can enjoy walking through this beautiful city.
Pisa, just one hour from the Poderi Arcangelo Holiday Farm can be reached by car or train from the nearby Certaldo station. – Tel. bookings for visits +39 050 835011 / 12