Sustainable stays

Sustainable stays

Measures for Sustainable Travel

These are the actions Poderi Arcangelo has taken to encourage more sustainable and environmentally friendly travel:

💡Greenhouse Energy andGas

  • Photovoltaic system for solar power generation
  • Phyto-purification plant for wastewater recycling
  • Most of the lights in the facility use LED (energy-saving) bulbs.
  • Double-glazed windows
  • Motion sensors for lighting activation
  • The facility offsets a portion of its CO2 emissions

🗑 Waste

  • The facility is committed to reducing food waste
  • We do not use disposable plastic cutlery/plates

💧 Water

  • Water-saving toilet
  • Water-saving showers
  • Possibility of waiving the daily cleaning of the accommodation
  • Ability to reuse towels

🍃 Nature

  • There is no interaction with wild animals kept in captivity at the facility, nor exhibition, breeding, consumption or sale of them
  • The facility includes green spaces such as gardens/hanging gardens
  • Most of the food provided by the facility is organic and local

🏡 Local community and destination

  • Tours and activities are organized by local guides and companies
  • Local artists can exhibit their artwork
  • The facility provides guests with information about local ecosystems, heritage, and culture, as well as how to conduct themselves locally