Maria’s Recipes

Our food is homemade, simple and genuine and is related to the seasonal and local traditions. All recipes of Maria, by the flavors and scents homemade, recall the traditional peasant will discover to our guests dishes once among the raw materials we use is our extra virgin olive oil and our wine DOCG.


Farmhouse San Gimignano

Emotions and Tuscan Flavors in a familiar atmosphere


Farmhouse San Gimignano

Emotions and Tuscan Flavors in a familiar atmosphere


Farmhouse San Gimignano

Emotions and Tuscan Flavors in a familiar atmosphere


Maria’s Ribollita Recipe
(typical Tuscan bread and vegetable soup)

for the sauté take the typical oinion of Certaldo, parsley, leek, carrots, celery.

Add bacon, tomato paste, savoy cabbage and black cabbage, potatoes, green beans, chard, chicory, zucchini, beans.

Put into a pan to sauté the chopped vegetables with a little of diced bacon.
Soon as it becomes golden add the tomatoes or tomato paste, water and coarsely chopped vegetables, all will boil for about 3 – 4 hours.
Counsil to put beans, either whole or smoothies, to make Ribollita more creamy.
When cooked, add at the vegetable soup chopped, not salty and stale Tuscan bread and let simmer for about half an hour
Serve in bowls and add a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with raw onions of Certaldo or simple onions as you like.

…and enjoy your meal!

Maria’s Pappa al Pomodoro Recipe
(typical Tuscan bread and tomatoes soup)

for the sauté take the typical onion of Certaldo, basil, parsley and carrots.
Tomatoes and stale bread.

in a pan fry the chopped vegetables in organic extra virgin olive oil of Poderi Arcangelo.
Fry slowly until the onion turns golden, add four or five chopped tomatoes and salt.
For our guests here at Poderi Arcangelo farmhouse in San Gimignano, Maria uses her tomatoes from her organic vegetable garden!
Let it cook for about 20 minutes.
Chop the stale bread in small pieces and add them in the sauce, let them be extra cooked.
Add some water and let it boil until the soup is not to liquid or hard.
Serve in terracotta cocottine and add some drops of extra virgin olive oil, and some basil leaves to decorate. We recommend eating it warm, but it is also very good when it is hot!

 Enjoy your meal!

Maria’s “Fake Tuscan Ragù” Recipe
(vegetable sauce for pasta)

for the sautéed: typical onion of Certaldo, celery, carrot, parsley and basil.

In a saucepan, sauté the vegetable with Poderi Arcangelo organic extra virgin olive oil and as soon as it is nice to add color, add salt and pepper.

Also add the tomato puree (for example Maria adds the ripe tomatoes from her garden sieved).

Cook for a long time with patience on low heat and add a little hot water from time to time, the best procedure is to complete the cooking in a water bath.

When the cooking is finished you will have a mixture that is not meat and is not gravy, but a genuine amalgam that on pasta (and remember to bring it al dente) will make you look great with your guests! ..and if you are not vegan, you can sprinkle the dish with excellent Parmesan cheese.

Enjoy your meal!

Risotto with Nettle

for the sautéed: typical red onion of Certaldo, vegetable broth, nettle, salt and rice.

For the broth, boil water with a carrot, half an onion, celery and parsley.
When she decides to make this extraordinary risotto, Maria wears yellow gloves and wanders through the fields of our organic farm, to collect only the tips not yet in bloom of this spontaneous herb that grows throughout the Tuscan countryside.

In a saucepan, brown a little onion with the freshly browned Poderi Arcangelo organic extra virgin olive oil, add a nice tuft of neatly washed nettle and flavor it by covering the pan.

Then add the rice and after having toasted it, Maria blurs it with Vernaccia Di san Gimignano of Poderi Arcangelo and cook it adding gradually some broth, after about 20 minutes the risotto is ready!
This too, like many recipes of the Tuscan tradition, goes well with the new trends in vegan and vegetarian cuisine, in fact Maria uses only her extra virgin olive oil to whisk rice.

Enjoy your meal!

Cavolo con le fette
(black cabbage bread soup)

Black cabbage, garlic, salt, pepper, stale black bread or in any case of unrefined grains and a natural leavening, organic extra virgin olive oil strictly by the Poderi Arcangelo farm!

Take the bunches of black cabbage and, after having washed them well, put them to cook in a pan with salted water; keep them for about one hour.

Meanwhile, cut the stale black bread or anyway of unrefined grains with natural leavening in slices, toast them and then rub them with a clove of garlic.

Place them on a deep tray, after having bathed them in the same water where the cabbage is cooked.

Finally add the well-drained cabbage on the bread slices, salt lightly, season with plenty of extra virgin olive oil and grind a little pepper over it.

Sliced ​​cabbage is a typical Winter food that Maria always prepares when there is freshly pressed new extra virgin olive oil!

Come and try it! We are waiting for you and if in the meantime you want to try it yourself …..

Enjoy your meal!

La Panzanella
(cold bread salad with fresh vegetable)

Stale bread, Certaldo’s red onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, salt and pepper.

Crumble the crumb of the stale bread in a salad bowl, wet it well with water and after having squeezed it, season it with abundant organic extra virgin olive oil from Poderi Arcangelo, salt and pepper.
Then add the finely chopped onion, the chopped tomatoes, the cucumber slices and put it in the fridge, adding also many freshly picked basil leaves!

Next to the panoramic terrace of Poderi Arcangelo, Maria has reserved a corner for her aromatic herbs which inebriate the air with a magical and intense perfume. Together with the breathtaking view from Poderi Arcangelo, it is a unique and unforgettable place!

After a couple of hours, remove the salad from the fridge and add the wine vinegar, the real one though!

Before serving, add a few more basil leaves and some drops of Poderi Arcangelo organic extra virgin olive oil and the dish is ready!

Enjoy your meal!

Le Reginette al ragù di Chianina
(Pasta with ragù of Tuscan beef meat)

Garlic, Certaldo red onion, chilli pepper, 2 chicken livers, minced veal (preferably Chianina variety), minced pork and bacon.

Sauté with garlic, onion, Poderi Arcangelo extra virgin olive oil and chilli pepper.
Add the chicken livers, cleaned and cut into very small pieces, to the cooking juices, then the pork, the bacon and finally the beef: let everything brown, stirring frequently to prevent the sauce from sticking.

When the meat is golden brown and a beautiful hazelnut color, blend with red wine, usually Chianti. Sometimes Maria also uses our Tuscan red wine “Gran Baccano” which gives the sauce a unique and inimitable flavor! Let the wine evaporate well and add the peeled and diced tomatoes.

Finally, cover the pan with a lid and cook until the oil separates from the tomato, indicating that the sauce is ready !

Boil the pasta in abundant salted water, drain it al dente and toss it in the sauce! Maria uses the queens, as the peasants did, because this pasta shape holds the sauce very well.

Serve with Parmesan or if you want to respect the tradition with well seasoned Pecorino cheese.

Enjoy your meal!